Super September Purchasing Festival

2020-09-17 13:49:39
2020-09-17 13:49:39

Every March and September, Alibaba held the Super Purchasing Festival.

It encourages sales and company workers to improve their professional knowledge, skill and doing best to support customers, achieve their personal values.

To support and encourage sales, company usually would provide some discount for them to win more orders during this time. 

On 30th August, Alibaba had a start -up encourage meeting, all people join the meeting, separate to combine to 4 groups,

every one has to set goals, and every one will fight for their targets in September. 

Our group has 9 companies. Below is our company target and each one has her own target.  

The fist weekend, bosses had meeting to discuss a plan how to achieve target and bonus rules. 

Sale will have bonus for following target they acheive:

1.when confirm order(sample order or big order is accepted). 

2.The largest number of orders during this months

3.The highest order amount

4.order amount over USD160,000

Bosses also discussed what kind training can help sales and how to help them if there is communication problem when negotiate with customers. 

The second week, bosses went to each nine different company to talk with every sales every night after off work. Bosses will give advices to their questions or problems. And sales will take different advice and discuss with customers. 

Except boss, every sales also work hard for their target, they work overtime for fast communication and good service, trying to win more orders and achieve their targets.

Last Saturday, it was a sharing training, sales share their skill how to communicate with customer, how to handle details to less mistakes, offering good impression for customers. This help to improve sales themselves and be professional.


And it was a surprise for 3 sales who’s birthday in September. All of us celebrate their birthday. What a sweet! 

For next 2 weeks, bosses already have training plans. All sales keep fighting for their target. Good luck for all of us. 

We will be more professional to support our customer!

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