Xiamen IdealRain Fire Drill in the second half of this year

2020-10-27 10:41:11
2020-10-27 10:41:11

Every year, IdealRain will have 2 time fire drill. It is to let workers know to protect themselves and escape factory in fire or emergencies. 

Every workers were listen to instructor, how should do in emergencies. Everybody is seriously.

Then, instructor organize to practice to make sure workers have deep impression. If emergencies, head off, bent down, run to exit.   

The second part of practice is teaching workers how to use fire extinguisher.  

Workers learn and know how to protect themselves during fire drill.  Except the drill, our safety instructor will check fire extinguisher regularly. Do not block exit.

Safety is the most important things during production, IdealRain Team keep this in mind and practice it. 


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