Reversible Umbrella

  • Customized Manual Open Reversible Umbrella With Led Handle

    Specification of reversible umbrella with LED handle
    Will you feel annoy that umbrella make car and floor wet after use umbrella? Here is a reversible umbrella can solve it. Except this, this reversible umbrella use LED handle.
    1,The reversible umbrella frame is different from traditional long umbrella. It use fiberglass reversible frame, that is keep water drops on the inside, exposing when closed the dry side. This new invention makes your cloth, car, even floor dry always after close umbrella.
    2,Inside of reversible umbrella is blue sky and white cloud design by sublimition printing. Except this design, there is more available designs, it also can be your own design.
    3, This reversible umbrella change C shanped to LED handle, make unique amoung C-shaped reversible umbrella. This LED handle can help avoid puddles or stone at night or darkness. And can let others know where you are when umbrella stand beside of you. This LED handle use 3 units AAA batteries.